Paint Correction

  • Enhancement Detail

    From £499 +VAT

    The enhancement detail is by far the most popular service we offer, giving great results to appearance and significant benefits to your pride and joys paintwork.  The service follows a tried and tested structure which can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of your vehicle. We focus our attention where you require it. The process starts with a thorough wash, wheels are cleaned and decontaminated. Wheel arches cleaned and a dressing applied. Vehicle paintwork decontaminated using a suitable grade clay bar. Advanced polishes used with various polishing machines and pads are then used to restore depth and gloss whilst removing or hugely improving light swirl marks and scratches. This transformation is most noticeable on darker coloured vehicles where the reflection is no longer pin sharp or slightly "Flat". Youll be amazed what can be achieved. Once the polish stage is complete, your investment is ready to receive one of our prefered paint protection products as follows, Alpha, Gtechniq, Swissvax, Kamikaze. Interior is cleansed using anti-bacterial cleaners, vacuumed, dusted and sealant applied. 

    Approx 8 Hours - Prices from £499 +VAT

    Depending on protection product applied more time may be required for application and curing

  • Correction Detail​

    From £1,250 +VAT

    Correction detail is required by owners of vehicles that have heavy swirls and scratches or the vehicle has been unprotected and exposed to nature for long periods of time. Following the same tried and tested structure of the enhancement detail to cleanse and decontaminate the paintwork, the paint is then thoroughly inspected using a paint depth gauge to asses the thickness of safely workable paint. A number of small test area will then be worked on to asses how the paint will respond to various methods of approach. Only once the correct approach has been established can the machine polishing be continued safely and we will proceed to remove every mark possible. A time-consuming process requiring an intensive multi-stage approach to the polishing over a number of days which is unique to your vehicles specific defects. However, the transformation never ceases to amaze. The paintwork can then be protected using your choice of our prefered coatings. The wheels cleaned, decontaminated and sealant applied. Wheel arches and brake callipers cleaned. Engine bay steam cleaned and bright work in the engine bay polished and dressed. Interior Cleanse which includes; Carpets, floormats, door cards, centre console, and seats with stain removal and or leather treatment and sealant. 

    Minimum of 3 days required - Prices from £1,250 +VAT

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