Paint Protection

Paint protection is a term widely used in the detailing industry but what does it mean?  Paint Protection is the process of adding a coating to the vehicle which creates a chemical bond to the paintwork. The coatings we use are a liquid polymer which is applied by hand. This creates a physical barrier to prevent your vehicle from being damaged by UV and sunshine, Weather erosion, Acid rain, Industry powder, Bird dropping and Tree gum. When a vehicle has a hydrophobic Ceramic Coating, water will bead on the surface and slide off more easily. This means that mud and grime will have a more difficult time bonding to your vehicle’s paint, which makes cleaning your vehicle significantly easier.

Bird dropping etch mark

Industrial Powder markings

Paint damaged by UV

Prevention is always better than cure. The top-up protection package is designed to rejuvenate the protection already installed by our technicians. Recommended after 12-18 months from when initial protection was applied.

Give your car a new lease on life. The protection detail is designed to remove or greatly improve the appearance of scratches from the paintwork of your vehicle, then protection is added to the new and improved paintwork. The ideal solution for cars that haven't had paint protection from new.

New Car Paint Protection

From £495.00

Buying a new car is always a large investment. New car paint protection is designed to protect your investment as much as possible. Customers who purchase this will receive £10 off mini valets for 12 months.

Top-Up Protection

From £149.00

From £795.00

Protection Detail